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a woman on a mission.


anne steppe


Anne is the owner and lead organizer of Step by Steppe Professional Organizing.

Meet Anne, a fourth-generation Charlottean who is passionate about turning chaos into calm. She is on a mission to simplify spaces so that her clients can live well with less clutter - mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


For over a decade, Anne has worked with clients in and around the Charlotte area to develop strategic plans that help them re-order their spaces. She empowers her clients to live into the vision they have for their homes, lives, and businesses by organizing their spaces in ways that reduce chaos, fuel productivity and spark creativity.

“It's all about catering to my clients’ needs and meeting them where they are,” says Anne. “There is nothing more satisfying than helping my clients realize they have their own organizing style that ties directly into how their brain instinctively processes things. I'm all about discovering how a space can best function for an individual, family, or small business.”


Anne is obsessed with the big picture and developing a plan to bring a client's vision into reality. She loves walking into a chaotic space and finding a way to organize it. “I'm all about efficiency, and I’m highly motivated to simplify all things,” she notes.


“I'd describe myself as a straight shooter, motivator, coach, planner, and pusher. I live to ask the hard questions of my clients in order to get to the root of the issue. My clients' needs are all that matters - they drive the project, I am just here to help. Change isn't easy, but the reward is always worth the work.”

Our team consists of administrative members, lead organizers, and assistant organizers.

Get to know them below!

Mia Fernandez.jpg

mia fernandez

Mia is one of our most-seasoned organizers, and is our go-to expert for folding!


Lead Organizer

Corinne Eckert.jpg

corinne eckert

Corinne is a Personal Development Coach for people going after big goals that no one else believes in.


Assistant Organizer

Ellen Micallef.jpg

ellen micallef

Ellen is an empty nester and mother of 3!

Lead Organizer

Chelsea Allard.jpg

chelsea allard

Chelsea has a background in kitchen and bath design and is a pro at creating flow within those spaces.

Assistant Organizer

Gretchen Tocco.jpg

gretchen tocco

Gretchen is a preschool teacher here in Charlotte, and is also a mother of 4!

Assistant Organizer

Jane Taylor.jpg

jane taylor

Jane has lived in Charlotte her whole life. She is Anne's aunt and "Gigi" to 5 grandchildren!

Assistant Organizer

Jul 19  11-16-13pp.JPEG

robin garcia

Assistant Organizer

Jane has lived in Charlotte her whole life. She is Anne's aunt and "Gigi" to 5 grandchildren!

Robin is a schoolteacher in Charlotte and loves to organize closet spaces!

Katie Coley.jpg

katie coley

Assistant Organizer

Jane has lived in Charlotte her whole life. She is Anne's aunt and "Gigi" to 5 grandchildren!

Katie is a native Charlottean who loves organizing kitchens and pantries!

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